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Korean J Health Promot 2018 ; 18 (1) : p.51~59
A Program to Build Early School-Aged Child’s Personal Hygiene Habits Based on Health Belief Model

Yunhee Shin, Eunji Kim, Hyoeun Shin, Jeahee Lee, Serin Jeong

Department of Nursing, Wonju College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Wonju, Korea

Background: School age is a time when students form habits of healthy behavior that affect their lifetime health. However, most previous studies were conducted on hand washing and brushing teeth and no studies included bathing in personal hygiene. We aim to improve knowledge and performance about hand washing, brushing teeth, and bathing in school age children. The study was based on the health belief model and ways to establish proper personal hygiene habits.
Methods: A non-equivalent control group, pretest-posttest design was used in this study. The educational content included hand hygiene, oral hygiene and bath hygiene. After the pre and post evaluation of the control group, the experimental group received the education and pre and post evaluation over five weeks. Then, the education program was provided to the control group. This study was conducted over ten weeks from April to June 2017.
Results: Knowledge on personal hygiene habits (F=8.41, P=0.006) and performance of personal hygiene hab￾its (F=29.09, P<0.001) were higher in the experimental group compared to the control group after controlling the covariates.
Conclusions: The results of this study show obvious difference between the experimental group and control group on knowledge and performance for personal hygiene habits. This result demonstrated that the program based on the health belief model was effective. It is necessary to develop other effective programs including hand washing, brushing teeth, and bathing to help students develop good personal hygiene habits.
Korean J Health Promot 2018;18(1):51-59

Keywords: Child, Hygiene, Habits, Education

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