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Korean J Health Promot 2018 ; 18 (2) : p.90~97
Factors Affecting the Successful Aging of Late Middle-Aged Adults

YonJi Kim1, JuHee Lee2, Young Joo Lee3

1Department of Nursing, College of Nursing, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea 2College of Nursing Mo-Im Kim Nursing Research Institute, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea 3Department of Nursing, College of Nursing, Daegu Catholic University, Daegu, Korea

Background: As aging is a process that everyone must experience, life expectancy is getting longer and living standards are getting better. But aging can be successful or unsuccessful. Middle-aged adults experience an existential crisis of physical burdens and middle-aged crises, thereby changing the quality of life in old age. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors affecting successful aging in middle-aged adults.
Methods: This is a cross sectional descriptive study design was used to examine the association among middle- age crisis, perceived health status, self-esteem, social support and successful aging in late middle-aged adults.
Results: Perceived health status and social support had a statistically significant effect on successful aging, and middle-aged crisis and self-esteem were not significant. The factors’ determination value was 63.6%.
Conclusions: The perceived health status and social support of middle-aged adults may help the successful aging of middle-aged adults. Therefore, it is necessary to develop education for health promoting activities and social support programs with various materials.
Korean J Health Promot 2018;18(2):90-97

Keywords: Middle-aged, Aging, Health status, Social support

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